Information about collective agreements

Here you can read more about what a collective agreement is and what such an agreement entails.

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Who is covered by a collective agreement

The agreement covers members of the registered association.

New members are covered by the agreement from the date on which they join the association. If you leave the association, you will be covered until the end of the calendar year. A new individual registration must be made for the new calendar year if you continue working in private healthcare.

The purpose of collective agreements

The purpose of collective agreements is to satisfy the duty to register and pay contributions to NPE that the association members generally have. This provides assurance to the members and quicker and more reasonable administration on the part of NPE. The financial savings on the part of NPE benefit the association/members in the form of discounted contributions.

Liabilities covered by a collective agreement

The agreement will cover NPE's liability for patient injuries within the private health service at any time. Enterprises that are part of the public health service are also covered by NPE but financed through subsidies from the government.

Overview of registered members

The association will have an overview of registered members.

Each year by the end of January, the association will submit an overview of registered members and the number of FTEs for each healthcare personnel category to NPE.

NPE's liability for injuries

NPE fully covers the financial liability to injured patients in accordance with applicable law.

Contribution rates

Full rates will be calculated for new members that join the association during the first half of the year. New members that join in the second half of the year will be charged half.

Full annual contributions will be calculated for members who leave during the year or whose memberships lapse for other reasons and no refunds will be given.

Calculation and collection of contributions

NPE will calculate the total contribution for the association. The basis for the calculation will be based on the statement of figures.

The demand will cover contributions for the full year and any contributions charged in arrears for new members from the previous year.

The association will be liable for the payment of the total contribution to NPE. The association will collect the contributions from its members.

Procedures in the event that a patient injury is reported

All claims for patient injury compensation should generally be made directly to NPE. However, in the event that a member or association receives a report of an injury, the claim must be forwarded to NPE. The member must also notify the compensation claimant that the matter has been forwarded to NPE, which will process the claim.

If the compensation claimant expresses that it wishes to hold healthcare personnel directly responsible, NPE must also be notified of this. NPE and the healthcare personnel concerned will then clarify how to proceed with the claim.

NPE is willing to assume the management of such claims but note that NPE cannot process claims for compensation for non-pecuniary damage.

Information to members and the association

NPE will provide information to the association about matters relating to the agreement and NPE's activities. The association is responsible for providing information to and answering questions from its members.

Joint meetings

NPE will convene a joint meeting between the parties. The collaboration, procedures and claims developments will be discussed at these meetings.

Duration and renewal of the agreement

The agreement will renew automatically for one year at a time unless the agreement is terminated by either party before 1 November.

If the agreement is terminated by the association, NPE's liability shall run until 1 April the following year. This extension is necessary to ensure that all members have adequate time to establish any individual registration with NPE.