Risk groups for physicians

Physicians have been split into four different risk groups and you can read more about the different groups and the types of physicians that will register for each group here.

Print Bokmål | Nynorsk | 23. February 2017

Healthcare personnel must register in full under the relevant specialism. For example, a surgeon must register 100 percent surgery if they work 100 percent even if they are not performing surgery at all times.

Surgeons, risk group 9a
The following must register in this risk group:

  • general surgeons
  • orthopaedic surgeons
  • neurosurgeons
  • gastrointestinal surgeons
  • plastic surgeons
  • maxillofacial surgeons
  • paediatric surgeons
  • breast and endocrine surgeons vascular surgeons
  • thoracic surgeons
  • urologists

Eye specialists, risk group 9
Both those who undertake surgery/use lasers and those who do not are registered in this risk group.

Other specialist physicians, risk group 7
All physicians with specialist qualifications who are not surgeons or eye specialists are registered in this group, including general medicine specialists.

Other physicians, risk group 6
All physicians who do not have any specialist qualifications are registered in this risk group.