The Norwegian Olympic and Paralympic Committee and Confederation of Sports – special agreement

The Norwegian Olympic and Paralympic Committee and Confederation of Sports (NIF) has entered into an agreement with NPE to cover the total contribution duty of Norwegian sports. You can read more about this agreement here.

Print Bokmål | Nynorsk | 29. March 2017

Who is covered by the agreement
The Norwegian Olympic and Paralympic Committee and Confederation of Sports (NIF). NIF is a union for sports in Norway. The following organisations are associated with NIF: regional sports bodies, specialist associations, sports councils, regions/specialist bodies and sports clubs.

New members are covered by the agreement from the date on which they join NIF. If you leave NIF, you will be covered until the end of the calendar year.

The purpose of the agreement
Authorised healthcare personnel who undertake work on behalf of NIF have a duty to pay contributions to NPE for health services that they provide. This agreement will cover the total duty of contribution by Norwegian sports and will, with certain exceptions, cover the mandatory duty of contribution to which NIF is subject.

Liability covered by the agreement
The agreement covers all patient injuries incurred in connection with activities arranged by NIF. Patient injuries refer to injuries covered by the Patient Injury Act.

The agreement covers the cases where NIF has a duty to pay contributions to NPE. The agreement does not cover cases where NIF or its underlying organisations carry out activities established for the purpose of providing healthcare and for which the enterprise will be responsible for its contributions under law.

NPE's liability for injuries
NPE fully covers the financial liability to injured patients in accordance with applicable law.

NIF will pay an annual contribution to NPE on behalf of NIF and all underlying organisations.

Procedures in the event of reported patient injury
When an injury is reported to NPE, it is important to determine whether the injury was sustained under circumstances covered by this agreement (or other registered enterprises). NIF will quickly investigate any inquiries from NPE.

All claims for patient injury compensation should generally be made directly to NPE. However, in the event that a member organisation or NIF receives a report of an injury, the claim must be forwarded to NPE. The member organisation or NIF must also notify the compensation claimant that the matter has been forwarded to NPE, which will process the claim.

If the compensation claimant expresses that it wishes to hold healthcare personnel directly responsible, NPE must also be notified of this. NPE and the healthcare personnel concerned will then clarify how to proceed with the claim.