Dentistry claims

Dentistry complaints can be reported to the Norwegian Dental Association's local appeal boards. Compensation claims must be reported to NPE.

Print Bokmål | Nynorsk | 29. March 2017

Norwegian System of Compensation for Injuries to Patients
NPE will consider whether the compensation claimant is entitled to compensation. We have no avenues of sanction against healthcare personnel.

In order for us to consider a claim, it must be a patient injury. We typically manage claims when complications have occurred. Examples of this may include nerve damage or infections. Delayed diagnosis or delayed treatment resulting in injury are other examples. We can also manage claims where the results are poorer than what could reasonably have been expected. In order for the patient to be entitled to compensation, the injury must be due to incorrect treatment.

The Norwegian Dental Association's complaints boards
The complaints boards will consider "complaints" relating to the dental service that has been performed. They do not consider claims for compensation. The authority of the complaints boards is limited to determining cases that can be resolved by

the case being overruled, i.e. the patient claim is not approvedthe fee being reduced or refunded, i.e. the patient receives a price reductionthe dentist being ordered to correct or redo the work with the complainant's consent

In a number of cases, a claim can be reported both to NPE and to the complaints board. If the matter relates to a "complaint" only, we recommend reporting it to the complaints board. If the claim goes beyond the authority of the complaints boards, the matter should be reported to NPE.