What does NPE cover?

Here you can find answers to the most frequently asked questions about what the contribution scheme covers.

Print Bokmål | Nynorsk | 29. March 2017

What does NPE cover?
NPE is liable for patient injuries when patients or others have suffered a loss due to patient injury. The compensation is calculated in accordance with the ordinary law of damages, but losses or expenses under NOK 10,000 or aggravated damages (damages for pain and suffering) are not covered under the system.

Do I need additional insurance to be fully covered?
Healthcare personnel no longer have a separate obligation to buy their own liability insurance.

Which additional insurance should I consider buying?
You should have your own liability insurance if you run an enterprise that offers treatments other than those covered by NPE system. For example, if you only offer alternative treatments that are not considered the performance of healthcare in accordance with a public authorisation or license. However, remember that NPE only covers liability for patient injury. An enterprise may also be found liable outside of the provider/patient situation. The enterprise therefore also needs a more general liability insurance for its activities. Combined insurance products for smaller enterprises often contain a liability element, where patient injury will be exempted. Talk to your insurance company.

Am I also covered by the contribution scheme during the period before I have registered with NPE?
Your enterprise will not be covered by the contribution scheme before you have registered and paid the mandatory contribution. If you register in arrears and pay contributions for previous years, you will be covered for any new claims for previous injuries reported after the date of the registration in arrears. Any claims that have already been made for previous years will not be covered. In such a case, we would demand recourse if the claim is approved and compensation is paid. The patient will be covered by the contribution scheme regardless.

What does the Patient Injury Act cover – does it only cover the patient?
The Patient Injury Act covers patients and others who have suffered losses due to patient injury.

Does it also cover injury to healthcare personnel?
The Patient Injury Act does not cover injury to healthcare personnel.

Must the injuring party pay a deductible in the event of injury where compensation is awarded by NPE?
The Patient Injury Act includes authorisation to introduce deductibles for private health services. As of today, that has not been done.