Here you will find information about the regulations related to the contribution duty for private health services.

What does NPE cover?

Here you can find answers to the most frequently asked questions about what the contribution scheme covers.

Recourse in the event of inadequate payment of contributions

Enterprises that provide healthcare outside the public health service must register and pay contributions to NPE for the healthcare personnel that undertake work on behalf of the enterprise. If this is not done, the enterprise may risk having to pay any compensation paid as well as associated costs.

Klage på tilskudd

Helse- og omsorgsdepartementet fastsetter tilskuddssatsene for de enkelte helsepersonellgruppene i tråd med gjeldende forskrift. Her kan du lese mer om klageadgangen på fastsettelsen av tilskuddet. 

Regulations and prices

Here you will find information about regulations and contribution rates for the different healthcare personnel groups.

Can healthcare personnel be sued directly?

As a general rule, anyone who sustains a treatment injury will apply for compensation via NPE. In rare cases, we find that people sue healthcare personnel directly. The law makes some allowances for this.