Assessing the amount of compensation – in case of death

Guidance on how to assess the amount of compensation payable in case of death.

Print Bokmål | Nynorsk | 6. January 2021

How do we assess the amount of compensation payable in case of death?

The compensation will be assessed in accordance with Norwegian legislation on compensatory damages and legal precedence. This introduction will explain the practical procedure involved. The compensation is intended to cover:

  • normal funeral expenses and other reasonable expenses in connection with the death.
  • lost maintenance, covering the loss of the deceased's financial contribution to the family and domestic input in the form of work and care during a transitional period.

When we assess the compensation payable, we deduct any benefit receivable such as funeral benefit, widow's/widower's pension and children's pension. Any widow or widower has a duty to make adjustments in order to gradually become able to pay for their own sustenance. This means that the compensation award is payable for a restricted period of time.

Funeral expenses

We need a list of all expenses incurred in connection with the funeral, preferably submitted with receipts. Typical expenses include a funeral director, headstone and memorial service.

Loss of maintenance

In order to assess at the correct compensation amount we compare the family's financial situation before and after their bereavement, taking into account the fact that the deceased's own consumption is no longer a factor. In order to arrive at this overview, we need to obtain the household's tax assessment information as well as information from the Norwegian Labour and Welfare Administration (NAV). We take into account of tax payable as well as the family's regular expenses, such as rent, mortgage payments, electricity, insurance etc.

We need you to tell us:

  • who were the deceased's dependants (please provide names and personal identity numbers)
  • pension and insurance payments received as a consequence of your bereavement.
  • the household's regular expenses. Regular expenses normally include:
    - mortgage payments and interest due
    - rent
    - electricity and fuel bills
    - Council tax
    - insurance premiums
    - telephone and broadband
    - TV licence and subscriptions
    - newspaper
    - annual fee for car ownership
  • any changes to the family's regular expenses following the bereavement.

Offer of part payment

It will take some time before we are ready make you our final offer of compensation. Payment on account of part of the compensation may therefore be appropriate. Please get in touch with us if you need this sort of arrangement to be made.

Are you entitled to have your legal costs covered?

If you feel the need for legal advice in connection with the calculation of compensation, NPE will cover any reasonable and necessary costs. The reasonable and necessary level of assistance will be considered by NPE on a case-by-case basis.

If you have any queries, please don't hesitate to contact us.