Treatment abroad

Norwegian citizens who incur an injury when receiving treatment abroad cannot apply for compensation from NPE. Claims for compensation following injury should generally be directed to the treatment site.

Print Bokmål | Nynorsk | 6. January 2021

If the treatment was provided in one of the Nordic countries, the patient may apply for compensation via the national compensation scheme in the country concerned.


The Patient Injury Act only covers foreign hospitals and physicians if the public sector has entered into an advance agreement with the treatment site concerning the purchase of services. An example of this is when patients are sent abroad as a result of the waiting list guarantee. The same applies if treatment abroad is covered by a regional healthcare trust due to inadequate expertise in Norway.

How to proceed?

NPE will process the claim if it falls under the scheme. NPE can also provide you with guidance as to how to proceed if the treatment has been performed in one of the Nordic countries. If the treatment was performed in another country, you will need to contact the treatment provider yourself.

When Norwegian citizens travel to private clinics abroad for treatment, they will not be covered by NPE scheme.